About us

We are the group of people, who made this project to suit their needs, as well as help the customers in their businesses.

Mantas (CEO)

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Works with web traffic for several years. Planned the tool, created this idea and implemented it after having some problems when working with other similar programs. Huge experience in websites, traffic sphere, usability let him to create the tool, which gives extra value for it’s users.


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Anoop is the co-owner of whizurl & has 6 Plus years of hands on experience in web designing & 2.5 years in email marketing.

After months of frustration using other trackers, Anoop and Mantas decided to create their own tracking service and so whizurl was born.


Edgar 18862dab857300d91672bab350f56d804e65758d1de8ee55f29364e94cc08a52

As the leader of programming department Edgar helped the idea to reach the light. With his team, he implemented all the features and dashboard based on recommendations and plans.