Track your links - see full statistics of the traffic you get.


Maximize your traffic

Use rotator to make sure that your customers wouldn’t see the same offer anymore. Set custom Tier 1 countries (USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia) traffic percentage to get only premium traffic!

Ban unwanted IP’s or countries

Use this function if you don’t wish to get and count the traffic from specific countries or IP’s.

Cloak your links

Use link cloacker to shorten your links and make them more beautiful and easier to write.

Get rid of spam traffic

With this new feature the system automatically detects IP’s which can be generating spammy traffic and bans them so they won’t see your offer again!

Full statistics of your traffic

See stats of rotators, cloacks and tracked links. You can check traffic’s geographic statistics, clicks over time table, IP’s, clicks per country, detailed table of traffic information (referring URL, click time). If you need, share these statistics with others! The best thing, you can filter it by the timeframe you wish and check stats only of preferred time.

Conversions tracking

Do you know if the traffic you get converts to customers or buyers? Track this!

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Fully responsive dashboard

Have you ever been in a situation when you need to change offers or links, but you do not have access to your computer? Use our fully responsive dashboard and use full functionality with your tablet or mobile phone.

This is everything you need to maximise your traffic fast. Check the statistics everywhere with your mobile phone or edit your links. Make your business innovative and dynamic!

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